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Transformational Package

Ready to go all in? Includes:
-Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) & Full Mineral Balancing/Detoxification Program
-One HTMA retest, retest coaching call, & program update

-2 additional In depth generated reports by
-Personal practice workshop


(+$650 Value)


Mineral Interaction Wheel by Dr. Wilhelm


The program's ultimate goal is to achieve balance in body, mind, and spirit. This is the core concept behind this image.

Hair Mineral Analysis & Full Program

Use the power of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to guide and deepen your healing!

-Hair Mineral Analysis performed by ARL with Dr. Paul Eck's way of interpretation. 
-Personalized Healing Program & 1 Hour Coaching call

-20% discount on all endomet supplements
-Close support throughout your healing journey

-Get a generated hair test report with loads of additional information (+$20 fee)

Initial $249

Retest $169

Auto-generated report: +$20

Example of hair test.png

Example of a HTMA

1 on 1 Breath Technique & Meditation Lesson

Want to learn how to become a skilled daily meditator? 

Learn breath techniques, Tibetan chanting, and other eastern meditative techniques to heal the nervous system, release emotions/limiting beliefs, and tap into mystical brain states. 

Done in person or via Google meet.


-45 minute guided practice.

-Personal practice workshop. Includes overview on meditation principles, in-depth on various Himalayan meditation techniques, and personal guide. This is a 2 hour, 1-on-1 workshop. Group discounts available.

45 min - $50

Formal Instruction - $120


One of Kyle's in-person breathwork events

in Miami, Florida

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