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Tried everything but can't get rid of brain fog, chronic fatigue, or other toxic symptoms?

Do you yearn to feel your best, and get the most of out of your brain & body?

Hi, my name is Kyle, and I was once there. I tried every healing system I could with little success. This was until I was mentored on Mineral-Nutritional Balancing, and learned about deep metal detoxification.

I then found out what it was like to be truly healthy for the first time in my life. 

Several years later, I now help others find deep, lasting healing using these cutting-edge methods. 

Using programs built with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), as well as simple breathwork/meditation techniques, I help people heal from:

  • brain fog

  • digestive issues

  • burnout/fatigue

  • food allergies & sensitivities

  • depression & anxiety

  • lack of zest for life

  • ​emotional instability

  • dark thoughts

  • visual snow

  • copper toxicity

  • mercury /  heavy metal toxicity

Image by Jordan Wozniak

My Healing Journey

At the age of 18, when you'd expect me to be filled with energy and good health, I became severely ill: brain fog, adrenal burnout,  broken digestion, the list goes on. 

After fully healing my symptoms, I found higher levels of functioning I didn't know I could access. This journey left me with a burning purpose to heal others and spark their transformations.

Stop the guesswork. Get precise with Hair Mineral Analysis.

Mineral-Nutritional Balancing is based on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) —a non-invasive, extremely accurate, and relatively inexpensive screening test that gives information far beyond mineral deficiencies and toxic metal burden. It gives a detailed picture of metabolic trends, stress patterns, and how different body systems are functioning. This removes the guesswork, and enables a practitioner to make personalized dietary and supplement recommendations.


Dr. Paul Eck, who's 40 years of research lead to Mineral-Nutritional Balancing

The result of a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis gives us a snapshot of your biochemistry over the past 3-4 months. It reveals:

  • mineral deficiencies and imbalances

  • heavy metal toxicity

  • adrenal and thyroid gland functioning

  • autonomic nervous system imbalances

  • sugar and carbohydrate tolerance at a cellular level

  • mental and/or emotional stress patterns

  • oxidation rate & metabolism

  • about your overall vitality

  • trends for various health conditions​


Mineral Interaction Wheel by Dr William Albrecht.

Feel like you have untapped potential? Go beyond biohacking with deep detoxification and Mineral Balancing.

A personalized Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program improves the energy-producing mechanisms of the body. Energy then becomes available for healing, regeneration, detoxification and all other activities. This leads to deeper and deeper healing as well as enhanced performance beyond "biohacking."

We live in the most toxic times in human history; as result, heavy metals are everywhere in our environment, contributing greatly to mental & physical chronic illnesses as well as people's failure to thrive. 

When mineral-balancing is paired with various metal detoxification methods, the results can be life changing.


Here are some specific things my clients and myself have experienced:

  • improved mood and mental stability

  • higher energy levels without stimulants

  • better hormone balance and sex drive

  • fat loss and easier gain of muscle mass

  • elimination of leaky gut and more powerful digestion

  • sharper memory, senses, and concentration

  • heightened, more accessible "flow" states and creativity

  • deeper, more restorative sleep

  • stronger, more balanced immune system

  • detoxification of heavy metals and toxic chemicals

  • enhanced strength, cardio, and overall athletic performance

  • improved relationships & quality of life.


Gustavo T., Colorado

"I always thought to find peace, relaxation, and clarity so many steps have to be taken. Then I realized it all begins with learning how your body works. This is what I was able to achieve with Kyle's [work]. I highly recommend giving it a try!"


South Dakota

"Kyle compassionately shapes our breathwork practices for my current needs at the time of the session. His guidance is a strong and calming presence throughout. The techniques are a gift to the body, increasing my awareness while transcending the mundane thoughts that occupy the mind. Much gratitude and blessings to Kyle!"


Angel G.,

"This is the most deeply transformative practice I have ever experienced. Three months of daily work (leveraging Kyle’s personalized guide) have yielded more benefit than any other self-care practice I have engaged with or researched. Thank you, Kyle, for facilitating such a powerful practice and I am looking forward to further transformation!"


Kristina H.,
New Mexico

"I've never done anything quite like Kyle's breathwork before! I love his style and the way he integrates each kriya throughout the practice. It feels like I did 2 hours of yoga after only 30 minutes of breathwork!"


Allison M,

"There are many ways to access your power and claim your body & mind. Thank you Kyle for being so passionate in your craft & introducing me to a wealth of knowledge."

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