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Do you yearn to feel your best, with a crystal clear mind and radiant body, able to sustain a n̶o̶r̶m̶a̶l̶  high-quality life?

Get to the ROOT of your health obstacles using a non-invasive, accurate, & well-researched test known as Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA.)

We create personalized programs using cutting-edge mineral nutrition, detoxification, & holistic healing to not only recover your health, but take you beyond "biohacking" into higher energy, cognitive performance, and quality of life.

Holistic Healing Using Hair Mineral Analysis & Mineral-Balancing

Are you dealing with...

Brain Fog

Inability to concentrate

Anxiety & Depression

Not feeling like yourself

Fatigue & Weakness

Low Libido

Gut issues

Low thyroid & adrenal function

Food Intolerances

Hormonal Issues

Dependance on medications

Vague symptoms

Stop wasting time, effort, and thousands of dollars on medical procedures, doctor visits, and random supplementations. Avoid stumbling around the billion-dollar health maze and get LASTING RESULTS by going to the ROOT of your issues.

I was there too.

At the age of 18, when you'd expect me to be filled with energy and good health, I became severely ill: brain fog, adrenal burnout,  broken digestion, joint pain, the list goes on. 

After fully healing my symptoms, I found higher levels of functioning I didn't know I could access.  This journey left me with a burning purpose to heal others and spark their transformations.

How does it work?
It's simple.


Send your hair sample to the lab, and receive your results in 7-10 days.


Get your personalized

healing protocol, and dive deep in your coaching calls.


Experience healing & higher wellness, and watch as it spills into every area of your life!

Stop guessing. Start healing. Get precise with Hair Mineral Analysis.

Stop wasting time, money, and effort "throwing the kitchen sink" at the problem, or chasing the "magic pill."

Using Hair Mineral Analysis, one can get extremely precise in terms of what they need, when they need it, and what they don't need. It becomes your biochemical road map to achieving ever greater levels of health!

ARL Hair Mineral Analysis

HTMA conducted by ARL labs

Feel like you have untapped potential? Go beyond temporary 'biohacking'.

Using Hair Mineral Analysis, we seek to balance biochemistry, which maximizes the energy available to the body and brain. The surplus is then available for healing, mental/emotional processing, and living a higher quality life.


Here are some specific things my clients and myself have experienced:

  • improved mood and mental stability

  • higher energy levels without stimulants

  • better hormone balance and sex drive

  • fat loss and easier gain of muscle mass

  • elimination of leaky gut and more powerful digestion

  • sharper memory, senses, and concentration

  • heightened, more accessible "flow" states and creativity

  • deeper, more restorative sleep

  • stronger, more balanced immune system

  • detoxification of heavy metals and toxic chemicals

  • enhanced strength, cardio, and overall athletic performance

  • improved relationships & quality of life.

Mineral Interaction Wheel by Dr. William Albrecht.

Mineral Interaction Wheel by Dr William Albrecht.

Dr. Paul Eck Mineral Nutritional Balancing Hair Mineral Analysis

Dr. Paul Eck, who's 40 years of research lead to Mineral-Nutritional Balancing

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Ernest R.,
Chiropractic Student

"Kyle has been my go to health advice guy for years now, he knows his stuff! My brain has improved as well as my sleep is finally better after 3-4 years of struggle. ALL LOVE MAN!"


Angel G.,
Sr. Business Analyst

"This is the most deeply transformative [program] I have ever experienced. Three months of daily work (leveraging Kyle’s personalized guide) have yielded more benefit than any other self-care practice I have engaged with or researched. Thank you, Kyle, for facilitating such a powerful program and I am looking forward to further transformation!"


Allison M,

"There are many ways to access your power and claim your body & mind. Thank you Kyle for being so passionate in your craft & introducing me to a wealth of knowledge."

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