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Standing on a sheer ledge 3,200 feet above Yosemite Valley, looking at this vista, one can


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Kyle Peche is a Certified Mineral-Balancing Practitioner (MNBP) with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and Psychology from Florida International University.

After resolving his own 7 year long health battles with chronic fatigue, brain fog, and other mysterious symptoms, he has moved to helping people with their health, accumulating over 3 years of experience to date.

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Why the name Jyoti Mineral Balancing?

Jyoti is a Sanskrit word meaning "light", "radiance", and "brightness." It is a term that also refers to the light of the basic components that make us up, as studied in the Vedic Art Jyotish.

It is my firm conviction, based on my experiences & observations, that when we purify our bodies and scientifically balance it's elements (minerals), the darkness of illness, mental fog, and painful past experiences gradually leave us.

Our bodies become radiant, our minds become bright, and we "shine" in all areas of our lives.

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