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Why Mineral Balancing?

“It is the relationships between the minerals in your tissues that help determine your physical and emotional destiny. Through an understanding and control of these basic laws of human energy, you can vastly increase the intensity and quality of your life.” -Dr. Paul Eck

Dr. Paul Eck Hair Mineral Analysis Mineral Nutritional Balancing

Mineral Balancing is a holistic healing science that heals most ailments without the use of drugs. It is a nutritional & detoxification program that uses the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) as a sort of compass; we make recommendations based on the HTMA that move the body towards more balanced biochemistry, and the body in turns heals itself. It involves a diet based on one's oxidation rate, lifestyle changes, detoxification procedures, and supplements specific to your current patterns. As layers are peeled back during healing, new biochemical patterns appear, so periodic retests allow one to make program modifications & obverse healing progress!

It addresses many issues with both conventional & natural healing methods:

(1) It is a whole systems approach to healing.

  • This means a client is seen as one system, rather than individual body systems or parts.

  • Most systems target symptom relief, often giving herbs or drugs to remedy each symptom. Mineral balancing on the other hand, works to balance the whole system, by balancing things like the oxidation rate & Na/K ratio. As a result, symptoms disappear on their own while general vitality increases. 

  • Most systems also create separation; this diagnosis vs syndrome, be it depression, metal toxicity, ADHD, candida, Lyme, etc. People often attach themselves to the label they are given, effectively "cursing" them to a life of limitation and constant health anxiety, creating further psychological damage. By addressing the whole system, we can move beyond the labels. 

(2) It eliminates guess work, giving precise recommendations based on your current biochemical environment.

  • It’s easy for people to take loads of supplements without much precision. Hundreds of websites recommend thousands of different things, each promising to eliminate your depression, balance your hormones, or cure your chronic fatigue. Following the guidance of “I feel good when I take this” can be misleading, as negative things can be happening that feel good (like stimulating yourself further when one is already burnout, or drugs giving you a high before a crash .) This can lead to psychological dependence, wasting one’s money, or even making ones health worse over time.

  • Mineral balancing allows for precise supplementation based on their hair test results. This minimizes cost and gives only the most effective vitamins & minerals at any given time to achieve specific biochemical shifts.

(3) It’s a safe form of deep detoxification

  • We live in a world inundated with toxic metals, thousands of times higher than anytime in recorded human history. Since most of us are also over stressed and mineral depleted, toxicity accumulated over the years and even generations (metal toxicity is passed on congenially) is strongly contributing to the epidemic of chronic illness we see. Many detoxification methods done by holistic and natural healers, like chelation therapy, can be dangerous (for more on this, read: this.

  • Mineral balancing uses over a dozen safe detoxification procedures, while also raising the bodies general vitality, allowing it to heal and detoxify in its own order. Hair re-tests from people on full programs often show high levels toxic metals being eliminated.

(4) It’s beyond physical healing

  • It requires energy and resources to fully process stressful experiences and emotions, just like when one requires sufficient rest and resources to fully heal a scar. When one has incompletely healed 'mental scars', it has rippling effects on our health and personality. It’s very common to become ‘walled off’ from ones own authentic personality, just as throwing tar on a lamp will keep the light from shining through.

  • Mineral Balancing works to raise the bodies general energy and vitality, so one can clean that tar off, ‘digest’ those experiences, and come free of one's past. This can lead to greater connection to one’s authentic self, enjoyment of life, and sense of purpose.

(5) It doesn’t create dependency

  • Healing today is often treated as a business first & foremost, instead of coming from a genuine desire to help others. This makes it common to see people dependent on repeat visits and supplement/medication refills,. This also runs counter to the wisdom Hippocrates once expressed: "The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it."

  • A beautiful thing about Mineral Balancing is that it deeply rebuilds and purifies the body, establishing new baselines in health where people eventually no longer need certain supplements and can live a high quality life. A life free of health-anxiety & full of health-confidence, resilient enough to follow one's higher calling, whatever it may be. 

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