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Angel G. - Sr. Business Analysis

"This is the most deeply transformative [program] I have ever experienced. Three months of daily work (leveraging Kyle’s personalized guide) have yielded more benefit than any other self-care practice I have engaged with or researched. Thank you, Kyle, for facilitating such a powerful program and I am looking forward to further transformation!

"Battling Ankylosing Spondylitis for 6 years now and a host of other minor conditions, I originally sought ought Kyle interested in the well-proven physiological effects of breathing techniques to regulate stress, immunity, and other functions. However, a particularly powerful series of experiences quickly turned my main interest from the physical to the spiritual.

One such experience involved a session with Kyle, where I felt like a candle had been lit in my heart. It was flickering and small but felt cozy and most valuable, and I felt I had met God. It was then that I knew I had to consistently work with Kyle. The results have been astounding and warrant a lot more narrating than a few paragraphs to describe.

This was truly one of the most transformative efforts I have ever embarked on and, while plenty of work remains, I can say I have derived tangible benefits from working with Kyle and practicing daily for 3 months now. Aside from the spiritual elevation in the previous paragraph, I have noticed I can become more calm and remain so more easily, more frequent and deeper appreciation for life and that which surrounds me, considerable improvements in pain and some in bowel function (especially lessened food sensitivities and pain), and the possibility to focus better on what is at hand.

Thank you, Kyle, for facilitating this progress so far and I am excited to see what else I can unlock with this transcendental and rich program!!!"


Anish R. - Product Manager & Entrepreneur

"Kyle has deep knowledge and personal experience healing himself through the study of mineral balancing. It shows in my conversations with him regarding my own hair test results. I've gained back a ton of energy that I had been missing for years after starting the program.


Ernest R. - Chiropractic Student

"Kyle has been my go to health advice guy for years now, he knows his stuff! My brain has improved as well as my sleep is finally better after 3-4 years of struggle. ALL LOVE MAN!"


Clarice - Entrepreneur

"There are many ways to access your power and to claim your body & mind. Thank you Kyle for being so passionate in your craft & introducing me to a wealth of knowledge."

luis .png

Luis H. - Athletics Coach

"Kyle is extremely knowledgeable in his craft and noticed that I learned something new with every call and / or email. I really enjoyed how readily helpful Kyle was throughout the whole program. I can truly say that Kyle was not only supportive of my physical health but also very supportive of my mental health. I saw myself as a very healthy person in general, but I unlocked another level with Kyle's program. Side note: I did get a pleasant surprise when I jumped on the scale and saw that I lost 9 pounds with Kyle's program. I am truly grateful to have met Kyle!!"

kyle booth.png

Kyle B.- Student

"For as long as I can remember I have struggled with anxiety. For years and years I had tried all sorts of different supplements and protocols to address this, but each one has always been a shot in the dark. When I had lost all faith and basically given up on trying to heal myself, for the first time ever I got on my knees and prayed for an answer. The very next day a friend of mine introduced me to Kyle. Among us having the same name, there were many other coincidences that felt like a bell going off in my head saying "yes, this is the way to heal". He described the program to me, and as I further researched into it, it stuck with me as a simple and obvious answer. This was the only protocol that made real sense to me. Get to the root, fix the mineral imbalances, and push out the bad stuff. I've done the program off and on, but when I really took It seriously and took the supplements daily for three months I saw a gradual and very noticeable change. The person I was before the program is very different from the person I am now. I feel much more outgoing and able to handle stress, my sleep has improved, and my episodes of depression have gone from deep and dark to very manageable with light at the end of the tunnel. I still have a ways to go, and I will update this as I continue my healing. If you feel like you've hit a brick wall and you need an answer to something that is just not being addressed through the modern medical industry, Kyle's got it."

The following testimonials are from others following a similar Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program (sometimes referred to as a development program.)



            I am 56 years old and have suffered with brain fog for over 25 years.  It began after a rape.  I became a nurse, but I could only do very basic jobs like bathing a person or cleaning up after a person. 

I have asked at least 30 physicians what to do about my inability to think through problems and how to do complex mental tasks, which included balancing a checkbook or adding up a lot of numbers.

About two years ago I began a mineral balancing program.  It had helped a friend who had the same problem, so I gave it a try.

Today, I am quite a bit better.  I was in a four lows pattern, which they call the “tunnel of death”.  I’m not sure what that means, but it is not good.  I have also eliminated some toxic metals.  I feel I have lost years of my life, but am starting over.  I hope that some day physicians will recommend this program, as it is much needed by many who have the same condition as I had.


– MP, Texas



            When Ed was 3, he had one vaccine at the doctor’s office.  Within 3 days he regressed and his normal development stopped.  He was diagnosed with advanced autism. 

Ed stopped talking, started banging his head, and became out of touch with his surroundings.  He also became hyperkinetic and had trouble controlling his bodily movements.  We consulted a number of physicians.  Nothing helped much with Ed’s symptoms.

At age 11, Ed began a development program.  Improvement was slow, at first, with little change for the first six months.  However, in the past 3 months, he has made extremely good progress.  He no longer bangs his head, he has started talking again, and he is back in touch with us and with his surroundings.  He has also calmed down a lot.  We are afraid to say he is all better, but he is definitely much better.

Ed’s first hair test indicated a slow oxidation rate with elevated copper of 4.2 mg%.  Manganese was elevated at 0.047 mg%.  Aluminum was quite high at 1.41 mg% and nickel was elevated at 0.044.  Vaccines often contain aluminum as a preservative and perhaps his also contained the other toxic metals, as well.

A retest hair mineral test on September 12, 2019 showed an elimination from the body (higher levels) of aluminum, iron, copper, manganese, nickel and lead.  This correlated with a significant improvement in Ed’s autism.

– CS, California, USA



I am 51 years of age and live in the UK.  I came across Dr. Wilson’s programme by chance, after a Google search as I was suffering from hair loss due to the menopause and stress. 

I initially found the changes quite difficult to implement, but I gave myself time and I had been inspired by a previous testimonial.  I felt determined to give it my best shot. 

I feel the programme heals on many levels.  I have experienced an emotional release as part of this.  I have less brain fog, feel happier, my mood is more stable and I feel emotionally stronger – and my hair quality has improved and has stopped falling out. 

I was also pleased to receive the results of my second hair analysis, which confirmed that I had made progress.  I feel very grateful to have come across a development programme, so a big thank you! 

– HP, London, UK



I am a 22-year old woman living in Wiltshire, in the United Kingdom.  My health problems started six years ago when I began taking birth control pills.  I believe my body was already in poor health, and the birth control pills knocked it over the edge.

Things worsened and about two years ago I began experiencing constant panic attacks, extreme low energy, hot flashes, dermatitis, fainting, dizziness, heavy painful periods, vision problems, poor circulation, brain fog, joint pain and more.

I dropped out of school and couldn’t hold down a job.  The pain was so bad that I took strong pain medication out of desperation.  Doctors put me on anti-depressants, but they didn’t help at all.  At 20 years of age this was very disheartening.

In addition to visitng regular doctors, I tried holistic healing methods, as well.  I tried a vegetarian diet, a raw food diet, the keto diet, juicing, fermented foods, digestive enzymes, chlorella, spirulina, and various kinds of vitamins and antioxidants.  None of them helped me much at all.

 A year and half ago I started a development program that this website describes.  The first six months were tough.  After that, things started to improve in giant bursts.  My pain subsided and my energy began to return.  I was able to get a job, I went back to college, and my anxiety attacks disappeared.

Every symptom goes away one by one as toxic metals are eliminated and minerals are balanced.  You will go through times of retracing and not feeling so great.  However, after those hard times big improvements occur.  My practitioner was very helpful during these times.

There is still a lot of work to be done.  However, I’m so grateful to have found this program and I believe it has saved my life. It is truly amazing and a blessing to this world. Thank you!

– AO, United Kingdom



I am a professor of mathematics and 71 years of age.  Several years ago I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon and rectum).  After unsuccessfully trying various alternative healing modalities (my cancer tumor kept growing), I underwent conventional cancer treatment: chemotherapy + radiation + surgery.

The surgery lasted 15 hours, in an excellent cancer center in the USA.  My doctors told me that I might still have few more years to live, and I was about to retire and live quietly these few remaining years.

Then I discovered the development program.  The theory behind the program was very different from all I have been familiar with. But it made a lot of sense to me as a scientist.

After less than 1.5 years on the development program, I have new life.  My energy level is high, and my blood tests are normal.  I live normal life, I again enjoy my teaching and am active in my research. 

I also notice that my ‘minor’ chronic health problems have been gradually disappearing.  These include a shoulder pain and severe broken skin on my hands during a cold weather season.  Now my hands are as smooth as they were in Summer.  A persistent ear infection that has been present for over 30 years is also almost gone.

– M.P., Alabama, USA



I am male, 32, and began the program nine months ago. (September 2017).

My initial hair test revealed a four lows pattern with 8 burnout indicators.  I did not know how bad my health was until I felt improvements some months after starting the program.

For years, I had felt a heavy weight pulling me down.  I got used to it and thought it was normal.  I had low energy, brain fog, bad memory, anxiety, constipation, low mood, low libido, and bad sleep.

I am following most of the program, including 6+ cups cooked vegetables daily, supplements 3 times a day, 1 coffee enema daily, about 2 liters of spring water between meals, three cans of Sardines a week, organic almond butter, organic blue corn tortilla chips, and I do the Pushing Down Exercise every day.  I stopped all fruit and sugar in my diet, and I avoid all wheat.

I started to feel better within a few months, especially better energy and better sleep.  On my second hair test, I was out of the 4 lows pattern and had a 3 low pattern.  There were fewer burnout indicators.

Retracing.  While I noted improvements, I still had some days when I felt pretty bad.  There were also some retracing and detoxification symptoms, though most went away in a day or two.

Several retracing symptoms took longer to go away, including heart palpitations and a rapid heart rate.  These took over a month to disappear.  Also, ringing in the ears continued for 6 months or so before it stopped.

On my third hair test I came out of the 3 lows pattern and had a “Coming Alive” pattern.  Major improvements are:

– Much higher sustained energy all day

– Better ability to cope with stress (home, work, life)

– Improved sleep (less interruptions)

– Higher stamina and strength

– Sharper clearer mind

– Hemorrhoids improved (about 50% smaller, no pain)

– Short term memory improved (though it is still not great)

– Mood improved

– Anxiety reduced (social anxiety still not great)

– Improved libido (get erections in the morning, which I had not had for years.)

– I feel like I have a new lease on life.  I am much more productive and happy, I work harder, and feel much better overall.

– M.M., Arabia



            I had pain, fatigue, psoriasis, infections and anxiety for at least 10 years.  I thought I could handle it myself, so I self-medicated with alcohol, marijuana, sex, and partying.  When that did not work, I began to try various medical drugs and vitamin remedies – at least 25 of them.

            When that did not work, I did a “cleanse” with chlorella and cilantro.  This just made me feel very strange inside.  Finally, two years ago I discovered nutritional balancing.  Here are the results:

After 14 months of NB with no saunas or enemas, and another 12 months with coffee enemas, I must say I am amazed by the program and the results.  I did not think it was possible to feel this way and have this inner peace.

There is some anxiety now and then, which doesn’t bother me very much at all . I don’t have any of the other problems I’ve previously mentioned. I had a flare up of my psoriasis right before I started infrared saunas. After a week or two of adding the sauna to the program, the flare up was gone.

I have a deep respect for the work of everyone involved in NB. The program has developed me so that I’ve truly come in contact with my spiritual nature and I have so much more emotional control.   God bless you.

– Christian, Sweden



I’m barely the woman I was when I started the program 4 years ago.  My fatigue is gone, brain fog is gone, anemia is gone, hypoglycemia is gone, controlling anxiety is gone, and fears are gone.  Life is so rewarding and wonderful now.   My plan is to stay on Nutritional Balancing the rest of my life. – JR



I just got back from an appointment at the eye doctor and have to smile.  I’m in my mid-fifties and every time I’ve visited the optometrist since I started wearing eye-glasses in third grade, my vision has gotten progressively worse. 

At the exam, the optometrist expected to see some retinal stress or macular degeneration, but as she scanned internal photos of my eye for a second time, she couldn’t find ANY problems!

She said she expected to see protein deposits on my very old contact lenses, but there were none.  “You have very pure tears,” she quipped.

Most notably, we both expected that my prescription was going to have to be stronger but it wasn’t…in fact, for the first time in my life, the strength of my prescription had to be REDUCED!  

“You’re aging really well,” she commented at the end of the appointment, still a little in disbelief.  I smiled because it isn’t luck and there isn’t a secret to “aging well”…it is just what happens when you spend years adhering to a Nutritional Balancing program!  Thank-you!


MM, California



I am fifty years old, and have had serious health problems since childhood including allergies, asthma, rheumatic illness, skin problems and Crohn’s disease.  I also had alcohol problems, and got alcohol poisoning 9 years ago.  I also had very thin hair, and was also wheelchair bound.  I thought that nothing could change that.  As a result, I had little hope of regaining my health when I began a nutritional balancing program.

Today, I have no asthma and the Crohn’s disease is gone.  I also have no skin rashes or psoriasis.  My hair was rather thin before, making me look almost like a man.  But now it has grown back again. 

People say to me I look more like 35 than 50.  Before I started the nutritional balancing program, people thought I was 10 years older than I was.  So now I look about 25 years younger than before.  I also had problems with infections in my mouth, and I was afraid I might lose some of my teeth.  However, I did not, thanks to the nutritional balancing. 

I can walk again.  It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to walk again, and not to have to use a wheelchair and a walker. The best of all is that I can use my hands again, so I can play music again.  I am a musician and play guitar and flute.  – M.C., Sweden



I have been on the nutritional balancing program for about two years.  I have gone through some significant dumps in calcium (this was the biggest), potassium, nickel, lead, and aluminum.  I have noticed an improvement in intractable anxiety and suicidal thinking, along with better posture (that’s the lead).

This program is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful healing modalities out there.  The issue with it is that it takes patience and some faith, as healing reactions can test a persons faith in it.  I have been through some rough ones myself.  However, each time you get through them, you trust even more in the program, as your baseline energy continues to rise.

I used to be the most skeptical person you would ever meet, as it related to the program.  I wanted hard and fast proof of mechanisms of action from peer reviewed journals that my healing reactions were actually what they were.  That isn’t likely to occur anytime in the near future, so just realize that you will be the evidence.  Your improvement and getting through the trying times will be more powerful than anything anyone else can tell you. – CJE, USA



I had EXTREME fatigue, muscle weakness, and brain fog. It had gotten so bad over the years, because no one knew what it was and all my tests came back normal (traditional docs).  Since the doctors didn’t know what it was, they suggested anti-depressants, hormones, and thyroid meds. But I knew that would only be treating the symptoms. I had more apathy than depression, but I believe it was because I was just too weak to handle any emotion.

Literally, most days I woke up and shuffled to the couch, and back to bed every night for 16-20 hrs of sleep.  I wasn’t necessarily “tired”.  Sleep was frankly all I had enough energy to do, and I couldn’t make much use of my couch time, because I couldn’t read more than a couple paragraphs without being completely overwhelmed.  (Background: I have a graduate degree and worked in an upper level management position.)

I had an almost immediate small improvement on the nutritional balancing program.  That allowed me enough energy to at least shower and put makeup on most every day, and even run errands on my good days.

Nine months into the program, doing the whole program, I had a huge copper elimination or copper dump.  It hit me so hard that I was back in a wheelchair for two days, had a migraine for three days, and then a skin rash for two weeks.

I am MUCH better now.  My bad days now feel like I used to feel on my good days, before the copper elimination.  My practitioner says to expect 1 or 2 more healing reactions before I’m completely back to normal. 

But now, I can’t wait!  The program is slow, but we didn’t get this way overnight.  After nine months of following the program pretty religiously, my body finally decided it was strong enough to dump a bunch of copper.  It restored my faith in the program, because after about six months, I was getting very impatient.

I am now a staunch supporter of this program, and so happy I found it, and my consultant!  Where would I be without them?  Oh, that’s right, I’d be on the couch.

— CC, Florida



I have had great results with the free program: clearer skin…no puffy look…nails are strong no curves or bending….hair full. I’ve never colored my hair….just starting to get little gray but that seems to be reversing too! Arch back in feet….I could just go on and on. 

Over the holidays I had friends and family ask me if I had lost weight…they commented on how good I looked…I had lost a little weight, but it was really more that inflammation that was reduced! I had knots in all my lymph glands around my arm pits and breasts. They are gone! The coffee enemas have been extremely helpful.

All this happened in just in few months with no hair test yet…I just ordered my first hair test.  I can’t wait to see what that says and where I go from there!

– DC, Kentucky, USA



“I just wanted to share my great news this week.  In January of 2011 at age 46, I had a DEXA bone density scan done because I was hyperthyroid.  My bone density hip T score was -2.5 with the following comment: “This patient is considered osteoporotic according to WHO guidelines.  Fracture risk is HIGH.”

The doctor recommend that I take Fosamax, which I didn’t believe in, so I refused.  However, I did begin a complete nutritional balancing program. 

Last week, (November, 2014) I had a follow-up bone scan done and my hip T score was – 1.3 (normal is -1 and above) with the following impression: “Moderate osteopenia.  The 10 year fracture risk is low at 2.8% with a 0.5% risk of hip fracture.”

I also had some thyroid blood tests done.  While my free T3 and free T4 have been normal for a few years, the TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) had been low.  Now all 3 tests are well within the normal range without taking any medical therapy. 

I thank God for leading me to your website.  Nutritional balancing is not a quick fix nor is it easy, but it IS effective!

Thank you so much.” – S.K., USA



            I have much more energy, and no longer have the crushing fatigue.  I have a different sort of tiredness that comes from physical activity and working that feels like “normal” fatigue that I used to have, at times, before I wore myself out.

            My sense of humor has returned and I am much more relaxed.  I generally sleep well and the horrible hot flashes have gone away.

            Friends say I look amazing.  My skin is clear, I have color, my hair is in great condition, and I feel well.  I feel like I am coming out of a long, dark tunnel.

 – S.W., United Kingdom



            I am a 20 year-old who was beaten as a child.  My father is Chinese, and believed in beating children to make them behave.  I grew up very fearful and anxious.  About 6 months ago I read about nutritional balancing and began a program long distance from America to Asia.  I even bought a lamp sauna and I use it daily.

            Slowly, the anxiety has been replaced by peace.  My retest hair analysis is showing much more elimination of lead, manganese and other toxic metals.  This is likely from all the seafood we eat here.  My sodium and potassium levels are rising out of burnout, and the ratio of sodium to potassium is rising to normal levels, indicating more energy and usually less hidden trauma.

            I had the L pattern, which means lifestyle was a major cause of ill health, and I was holding on to a bad attitude and not living from my true self.  That pattern is now fading on the retest.  It is really nice to feel like a normal person.


A.G. – Malaysia



I just wanted to send you a note to let you know of Buddy’s progress.  We have not seen a seizure now for the 7th day in a row!

Buddy is 4 years old.  Since April of last year we had not had a single day where we had seen no seizures.  Even on a good day, and up until we quit the meds and started playing with his diet, he had in upwards of 100-150 seizures per day!

We are very excited and hopeful that we are going to be able to cure him of his seizures now.  We have been watching him closely.  He has even gained a pound already!  He also has a healthier appearance, he is sleeping thru the night some nights and even staying in his own bed all night, and has a much better attitude and behavior!


– Bobbi Jo, Florida



            I was diagnosed with chronic hereditary iron poisoning (hemochromotosis/hemosiderosis) about 20 years ago.  I was told there was no cure, and that I would die from it about 20 years later. 

            This prediction was definitely coming true up until about a year ago, when I began a nutritional balancing program.  I was becoming stiff all over, and very bad-tempered (my husband hated it).  My heart started to feel restricted, and my blood pressure rose to dangerous levels.  My kidneys also hurt all of the time, as the iron was building up there as well.  I also began to experience memory loss and the brain did not work right. Among the major organs affected by this disease are the heart, the arteries, the brain, the liver and the kidneys, and kidney failure and strokes usually kill the person.

            In the past four months, the pain around the heart has subsided, the kidney pain is still there, but less, and the temper is much better.  My liver feels softer, and my brain is definitely working better – with better recall and memory.  My husband is delighted and is now going on the program himself.  This is not usual, the doctor told me, although he still thinks I am crazy to take a lot of vitamin pills and to do coffee enemas.  I look forward to continued improvement in the months to come.  We did not have a sauna, but my husband says he will build me one now.

            In the past four months, I retraced a terrible beating I had had as a child, and a terrible rape, too.  Letting these go, feeling the horrible anger I had held onto for so many years, seemed to be a cleansing and caused the breakthrough with the condition, perhaps.  A remarkable program it is that can retrace horrible trauma and free a person from it.


Vanessa, Indiana



Steven, age 38, started drugs when he was in his teens. It was very common in his household. He was caught when he was 21 years old for being under the influence and was arrested.   He was let out and put on probation for 5 years.  He then met his wife and they had a son, Domi. 

His wife’s friend introduced him to crystal meth. He had a car accident and was put in jail for possession and under the influence of crystal meth. In jail, he met someone who showed him how to make his own crystal meth.  When he got out of jail, he started his own lab and distributed crystal meth. He was pulled over on a routine traffic violation and crystal meth was found in the car. He was put in Susanville prison for 6 months. During this time, his wife filed for divorce and full custody of their son.

He was released and moved in with his parents and started selling drugs again. He was one month away from finishing his probation and was pulled over for a routine traffic violation at 3 am.   He was put in Santa Rita for 4 months then transferred to San Quentin prison for 3 weeks and then on to Pelican Bay for 1 year. Pelican Bay made him not want to go back again. Got out and moved in with an old roommate. He got a job and with the money he received, he started drugs again.

He went to rehab for a few months, but still wanted to do drugs. In the mean time, his roommate had jumped off of the golden gate bridge because he thought he could fly.  Steven moved into a rehabilitation clinic. After 8 months in rehabilitation he started a nutritional balancing program.

Symptoms.  He presented with extreme pain in his elbows, anxiety, ADD, alcoholism, crystal meth addiction, cigarette addiction, depression, fatigue, migraine headaches, hostility, resentment, joint pain, muscle weakness and cramps, paranoia and nightmares, negative thoughts and stress. He could not concentrate or settle down due to his ADD.

His first hair mineral analysis (2-15-08) revealed a four lows pattern in which the hair calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium were all below the ideal.  Four lows pattern is a give-up pattern, somewhat like a car with its wheels spinning in the ditch, getting nowhere fast.

The hair potassium was 2 mg%.  When the potassium is below 4 mg% it is called sympathetic dominance, which means the person is willful and often worries or pushes himself hard.  A low potassium with a four lows pattern indicates a double sympathetic dominance pattern.

He also had hidden copper.  Aluminum was elevated, which also tends to indicate hidden iron and manganese toxicity.  His Ca/Mg was 13.5 mg% which indicates spiritual defensiveness, and a need for a lifestyle change.  He also showed slow oxidation which indicates adrenal and thyroid weakness or exhaustion.

Steven agreed to change his diet and began taking the proper supplements for his metabolic patterns.  He also began taking better care of himself.  He also did an aftercare program in which he lived at a rehabilitation facility and went to NA (narcotics anonymous) meetings daily, at first, then 3 times a week. He also had family supporting him at this time.  Within two weeks, his elbow pain was gone.  After a few months his headaches were less frequent and mild.  He stated that he felt stronger and had better thoughts about himself. 

His second hair mineral analysis (7-3-08) revealed that he had come out of the four lows pattern.  This usually indicates a much better outlook on life and a higher true energy level.  His Ca/Mg ratio improved as well.  On this test, arsenic and aluminum were higher, indicating they were starting to come out of his tissues.  His Na/K ratio was low, which is likely a retracing of a prior tendency for depression, hostility, resentment and stress.

Steven’s next hair analysis (8-7-09) revealed fast oxidation rate.  This indicates a better energy level.  He also had elevated manganese, lead, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum.  This means that all of these toxic metals were now being eliminated from his body as his body heals.

He has been clean for 4 years.  Last year he quit smoking. His family this Christmas could not believe how good he looked.  He gets to see his son now on a regular basis. He wants to make something of himself and feels that drugs is a chapter in his life that has ended.



How lucky I am today because of my improved health and nutritional gains.  Not only was I one hundred pounds heavier.  My health was so poor that my family wondered if I would survive. 

I started a nutritional balancing program that included a nutritional diet and supplements.  At that point, I would have done anything to help myself feel better.   To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really believe that eating lots of cooked vegetables, some animal protein daily and a small amount of cooked grains, and no fruit and no wheat, 3 times a day, would allow my body to shed this weight. 

I kept a journal with the foods I ate and the supplements I needed daily.  Within the year I lost the 100 pounds, although I am still working on losing more.  I stopped eating sugar and wheat and watched my body change.  I only do moderate exercise and swim three to four times a week.

By the way, I can live without sugar, candy, fruits and wheat products.  The supplements really help give me energy and ease the stress of everyday life.  Thank you for giving me a great body back.


– S.K. Rhode Island



My husband was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy about 6 years ago.  I read that his estimated life span would be 5 years and his life would be terrible, with difficulty breathing, difficulty walking and finally death.

We began searching for alternatives and found the nutritional balancing program you offer.  We have followed it faithfully.  My husband’s tests have improved to the point that the doctors don’t even want to see him on a regular basis.  His cardiac ejection fraction continues to improve, astounding the doctors who gave him no hope of any kind.

He lives a normal life, continues to work full time, travel and do everything he did before becoming ill.  We are so grateful.


Martha and James, Connecticut



            I have followed the nutritional balancing program for about a year.  I can report that I am much happier, not so pessimistic as I used to be, digestion is much better and I can tolerate many more foods than before.  My energy level is also much better than before I began this program. 


– G.C., Texas

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