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Image by Gaelle Marcel

My Story

Taking in the beauty of the world before me, I write and lay at the beach in beautiful Malibu, California. 

Mesmerized by the movement of the ocean, a subtle cooling current of wellbeing flows through me. My mind is quiet, and a sense of peace pervades it. Gratitude fills my heart as I appreciate the moment just as it is. Truly good vibes.

Sharp popping colors of the sun and sea where there was once visual snow, depth and life in sounds of the waves & birds where there was once tinnitus, and rich multi-dimensional aromas carried on the wind where there was once no smell at all. My dreams of the future come to my mind & excite me, and a fire in my belly empowers me to pursue them. 


Yet today I came to write about a darker time, so I tap into my memory & transport myself...

6 years ago:

18 years old. Athlete. Girlfriend. Ready to go off to college. Outwardly everything ok, but...

I was numb. Burnt out already. Seeking any and all distraction to pull me away from a deep pain within me. 

One day, an intense family event shook me to my core, and the dam broke open.

All of sudden, so many symptoms & dark emotions came shooting up to the surface, with some having been in the background for years but were never noticed.

  • Brain fog so bad I often forgot the names of good friends.

  • Terrible food intolerances which limited me to 4-5 food choices. Gut health was NOT ok (let's leave it at that.)

  • Skin Issues that made my face look like a red balloon.

  • Chronic fatigue that kept me in bed almost all day, despite having so recently been so athletic.

  • Anxiety. Social anxiety. Anxiety-based anxiety. Felt like my nervous system was going constantly short circuiting, like pouring pancake syrup on a computer.

  • A disconnect from my own authentic personality (referred to as 'Depersonalization').

  • A sense of impending doom. Was I dying? 

My mind become completely obsessed with getting well.


It began where most people do: seeing doctors. Gastro, endocrine, neuro, you name it. My blood tests and examinations were all normal, so they all dismissed my concerns, recommended random medications, or said it was "all in your head" (classic.)


After hitting a dead end with the conventional and racking up thousands of dollars in medical bills, then began the rollercoaster of alternative health paths.

Among the way I explored:

  • Obsessing with the gut: gut lining healing, gut-brain axis healing, microbiome testing, probiotics, worked then didn't.

  • Tried every diet, including vegetarian, vegan done correctly, paleo, blood type, keto, starch based, you name it. 

  • Thousands of dollars of herbs and herbal healing systems

  • Every kind of antimicrobial possible: grapefruit seed extract, garlic, artmesin, buhner lyme protocol, ozonated oils, etc.

  • Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture 

  • Then so many different detox protocols: Liver flushes, binders on binders, saunas, many different systems of heavy metal detox, parasite killing, overdosing on superfoods, etc.

I had the "This next one is IT, I'm sure of it!" syndrome. Chasing the magic pill, as my dad always told me. The common theme of all these is this cycle of trying something new, feeling better for a short period of time, tell everyone about how amazing this new healing modality is, only to fall right back to where you were or get worse. 

The worst part of this endless search, besides how it pretty much is like setting your wallet on fire, is the psychological tool it takes: 

A constant worry and instability that maybe I'll feel ok enough to do things one day, maybe I won't. "Hey dude I can't make it tonight bc of xxx" when really I just felt like shit. A constant fear around the food I ate: is this little bite of gluten gonna exasperate my symptoms?

Probably the worst of them: are things always gonna be this way? Always dependent on all these supplements/diets/herbs and unable to live a normal life enjoying the many fruits on this world? Can't I just go travel and eat some pizza every now and then without taking 100 supplements? (spoiler alert: yes I eventually could.)

Then, after hitting the lowest point of my entire journey, I sat and prayed every day for solution. There was nothing left to do. "God, Universe, Holy Spirit, show me the way..."

One morning, I forced myself to attend a zoom call with many healers, where fate was waiting for me. I meet a super cool dude with a rare demeanor about him: grounded, witty, & deeply compassionate as though he’s been through 'the fire.' He told me about this "Mineral Balancing" thing.

I got hopeful (again).

Here was a system that had brought together all these different paths I had explored and distilled the so much from all of them. After talking to many people who had been healed by this path, and reading some testimonials, I just thought,  "ok I'm broke, but I got plenty of time and this system is pretty cheap, maybe I should commit to this path and see where it leads me"


3 months into the full program I started building some energy up once more.


6 months I was working, enjoying with my friends, and not mentally fried all the time.


A year and a half later I was overflowing with energy, working full time, and being mentored to become a practitioner. I adventurously moved across the country with my soon-to-be wife, passionate about music and sports again, with a rich sense of aliveness that makes life pretty freaking enjoyable.


AND it ONLY took me 7 years of struggle and TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars to find what worked for me.


The integration of all the tools I learned over the years blessed with me incredible benefits such as:

  • Complete elimination of brain fog leading to higher levels of cognitive performance 

  • Increases in testosterone & sex drive (happy gf)

  • Complete healing of old scars & injuries

  • Increased motivation, productivity, & easier access to "flow"

  • Easier time tapping into creativity and spontaneity

  • Clearer, radiant skin, and defined facial features 

  • Powerful immune system (try me germs, can't handle these T-cells)

  • A furnace of a gut that can digest almost anything (pizza, tacos, you name it: I'm still smiling afterwards. but junk food is most definitely still junk.)

  • Deeper meditations & beautiful spiritual experiences

  • Purging of repressed emotions & traumas

  • Feelings of joy, vitality, and peace of mind as my new normal

I may be in the best health of my life, but I'm still sick of seeing all the disempowerment going on in this world: in particular when it comes to health. Most healing systems today, since they are usually symptom/disease entity based, tend to hook you and keep you coming back for procedures, medications, & supplements; Instead of freeing you from illness and allowing you to thrive without taking anything.

My intention is instead to spark people's fire of health within, which frees them from dependence on any one thing. Sure, you'll have tools to keep going deeper,  but above all I want my clients to constantly expand an inner (and outer) sense of freedom: something I feel we all seek, deep down.​


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