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“Health and good estate of body are above all gold, and a strong body above infinite wealth.”

-Ecclesiasticus 30:15

Transform Coaching Program (3 month)


  • (1x) Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) performed by ARL​​

  • (1x) Mineral Pattern Breakdown sheet

    • 15+ pages of valuable insight into your adrenals, thyroid, kidneys, brain, detox pathways, nutritional status, toxin burden, stress responses, and much more.

  • (1x) Personalized Healing Program 

    • Learn exactly what lifestyle, self-care, & diet tweaks to make to achieve optimum health.​ 

  • (1x) Supplement & Detox Protocol Sheet

    • Find out precisely what supplements to take, guided by HTMA & the eye of an experienced practitioner. Gain access to cutting edge detoxification tools that would best accelerate your progress, to cleanse your body of environmental pollution.

  • (1x) 90 Minute Coaching Call​​​

    • Deep dive with Kyle to share your troubles & goals, analyze what may be holding you back, and break down hair analysis results & your healing program.  

  • (5x) Bi-weekly check-in call

    • Close coaching support allows for easily troubleshooting issues in implementation, habit formation, and mental blockages. These 30 minute calls serve to ensure you get the best possible results from the program provided. ​

  • Supplement Discounts

    • Gain access to Kyle's vast network of supplement discounts, including big brands and one's suggested on your program.

  • Bonus: 80 Page Client Handbook for reference 

    • An extensive, research-backed compilation of all manner of ​additional dietary tips, self-care practices, and ways to live a detox-friendly lifestyle. 

Hair Mineral Analysis Test , Four Highs, High Aluminum

Example of a HTMA

Evolve Coaching Program (6 month)


  • (2x) Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) performed by ARL (Retest included for monitoring progress)

  • (2x) Mineral Pattern Breakdown sheet

    • See firsthand your progress in health through various retest patterns including "joy patterns."  

  • (2x) Personalized Healing Program (Program update included)

    • Biochemistry often shifts greatly from initial hair test. Program update allows your program to be fine-tuned to what you need. 

  • (2x) Supplement & Detoxification Protocol Sheet (Program update included)

    • Various layers of toxins appear on retests as one progresses. Program updates helps you have the best possible detox support for fastest progress.

  • (2x) 90 Minute Coaching Call

  • (x8) Regular check-in calls  & unlimited support over text

  • Access to more advanced detoxification and anti-aging protocols.

    • After laying the foundation the first 3 months of coaching, we dive deep into more advanced detoxification tools. This includes liver restoration, mucoid plaque elimination, parasite killing, natural nootropics, anti-aging supplements, and deep metal detoxification.

  • Supplement Discounts

  • Bonus: 80 Page Client Handbook for reference

Holistic Healing using Hair Mineral Analysis and Mineral Balancing

Holistic Healing

Elite Coaching Program

For those who want to be on a program for 1 year or longer, with retests every 3-4 months to monitor progress. This program aims to give you long-term mastery over your own health.

Also great for couples or friends who wish to heal together (6 months of coaching for each person.) 

  • (4x) Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) performed by ARL (Retests included for monitoring progress)

  • (4x) Mineral Pattern Breakdown sheet 

  • (4x) Personalized Healing Program (Program update included)

  • (4x) Supplement & Detoxification Protocol Sheet (Program update included)

  • (4x) 90 Minute Coaching Call

  • Regular check-in calls  & unlimited support over text

  • Access to all advanced detoxification & anti-aging tools

  • Supplement Discounts

  • Bonus: 80 Page Client Handbook for reference

Mineral Interaction Wheel by Dr. Wilhelm Albrecht

Mineral Interaction Wheel by Dr. Wilhelm


The program's ultimate goal is to achieve balance in body, mind, and spirit. This is the core concept behind this image.

Hair Mineral Analysis & Biochemical Pattern Report
(No consultation or program.)

​Good option for getting hair retests after coaching. 

  • (1x) Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) performed by ARL

  • (1x) Mineral Pattern Breakdown sheet 

  • (1x) Basic Supplement List

  • Supplement Discounts on most major brands & endomet

Single Hair Test & Health Consultations (75 minutes) also available.

What sets us apart from other HTMA Practitioners?

Check out our testimonials here.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Does It Take to See Results with HTMA?

Our programs lead to results within the first month for most clients, partly because of our coaching programs including a "Low-Hanging Fruit" phase. As one progresses through coaching and retests, the healing goes deeper and deeper, with major conditions/symptoms often resolved after 4-6 months, although this varies depending on the case.

Why ARL for HTMA and not another lab?

ARL worked with Dr. Paul Eck very closely over the years to standardize procedures in hair testing for accuracy. Other labs, for example, wash the hair with harsh chemicals before testing, skewing the levels of the major electrolytes (Ca, Mg, Na, K.) These four are actually the most important mineral levels to interpret for accurate diet & supplement recommendations.

Is collecting the Hair Sample for HTMA Difficult?

No! The procedure is so simple it can be done in under a minute. There are a few simple instructions to follow, done from the comfort of your home. 

Why get a retest, and are HTMA retests expensive?

Retests are recommended solely for tracking progress and updating your healing program for continued results, as biochemical patterns can shift as healing occurs. Our 6 month coaching program includes a retest at a reduced rate, and they are also available without coaching for a standard rate of $149, including basic supplement recommendations & a detailed mineral pattern report.

Is HTMA accurate and valid?

50+ years of research and millions of analyzed hair tests have yielded the current interpretation standards. This ensures a very high degree of precision in terms of what the patterns mean, and how tweaking one's nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle leads to healing.

Do you have payment plans available?

We recognize that times are tough economically for many, so we do offer payment plans upon request, with a slight additional processing fee. 

I don't have head hair/I dyed my hair; Can I still get a HTMA?

Samples can be collected from the chest and groin areas as well, giving the same degree of accuracy as head hair. Colored hair is not an issue, as long as it has been washed several times since last color treatment.

Why HTMA instead of blood work?

In some ways, blood is kept relatively stable, because major variations in things like pH and toxic metal levels can be life threatening. Elevated levels of lead, for example, may be undetectable in blood after 40 days of acute exposure, due to lead depositing into tissues. In others blood varies greatly, such as with inflammation markers, depending on stress and other factors. This makes it poor for seeing longer term patterns. Hair accumulates minerals in certain patterns over 3-4 months, making it ideal for understanding how different bodily systems are behaving over time. HTMA is also a small fraction of the price of advanced blood work.

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