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Important Hair Analysis Patterns

Through the 50+ years of work by Dr. Paul Eck and other brilliant researchers studying millions of hair mineral analysis tests, patterns have been identified that yield insights into health, disease, psychology, lifestyle, and the shifts required to achieve healing and higher functioning.

Listed here are some examples of meaningful patterns seen on a Hair Mineral Analysis. For a more extensive list, click here.


A state of body chemistry in which there exists a reduced adrenal and thyroid glandular effect. This reflects overall lower cellular energy.

About 85 to 90% of adults have a slow oxidation rate. 

Symptoms of very slow oxidation include fatigue, depression, & constipation.

slow oxidation.png


This is a state of body chemistry in which there exists an enhanced adrenal and thyroid glandular effect. 

Those with a fast oxidation rate are usually somewhat emotional, short-tempered, and high-strung. When mild, they tend to be 'high-performing' individuals.

Fast oxidation.png


On an initial hair test, a calcium shell usually indicates psychological withdrawal, the presence of trauma, and perhaps overwhelming stress or a very sensitive body.

Identified by a calcium level higher than 200 mg%.

Calcium Shell.png



This pattern is very important if it shows up on a persons HTMA. It is called sympathetic dominance because a person with this pattern is overusing the sympathetic nervous system. This leads to blocked healing processes, detoxification, and a variety of symptoms.

Identified by a potassium level lower than 4.0 mg%.

Sympathetic Domnanice.png


The Hill pattern is a powerful indicator of deep healing and greater joy in one's life. Interestingly, one can feel like they got "over the hill," as in they overcame obstacles and now have achieved in a new height. This could be in health, or some other area of life.

Identified by higher magnesium & sodium.




Recognized as a "collapsed" pattern, four lows is associated with exhaustion, stagnation, and a variety of conditions. 

Identified by low levels of all four major electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium.)

four lows.png



This pattern shows a body compensating for stressors. This stressor could be toxic metals, lifestyle stress, psychological, or something else. Underneath this pattern, one often finds slow oxidation, although rarely fast oxidation can be found too.  

four highs.png

For more information on Hair Analysis Patterns, see this page.

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