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What is Hair Mineral Analysis?

“It is the relationships between the minerals in your tissues that help determine your physical and emotional destiny. Through an understanding and control of these basic laws of human energy, you can vastly increase the intensity and quality of your life.” -Dr. Paul Eck

Dr. Paul Eck Hair Mineral Analysis Mineral Nutritional Balancing

Stop Guessing. Start Healing.

Hair Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a diagnostic screening test used to assess an individual's mineral levels and the presence of toxic metals. Through interpreting the mineral levels, ratios, and patterns, you find insights into health such as:

  • Nutrient Deficiencies

  • Levels of Toxic Metals

  • Adrenal & thyroid output (correlated with cellular energy)

  • Liver and Kidney function (elimination pathways)

  • Autonomic Nervous System Balance

  • Immune System Strength

  • Trends that indicate possible future health conditions (and how to correct)

  • Correct Diet, Lifestyle, Supplements, and Healing Program for optimum biochemistry, cellular energy, and well-being.

How does Hair Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Work?

Minerals accumulate in the hair, offering a window into the body's health over an extended period. Unlike blood, which fluctuates frequently and is tightly regulated, hair mineral levels provide a snapshot of mineral patterns over several months. This extended timeframe allows for analysis of various bodily systems in ways that blood work often falls short.

A hair mineral analysis involves the combustion of a small sample of hair (less than a tablespoon) in a mass spectrometer. The amounts of various elements are then measured, with fantastic accuracy. 

Is Hair Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Accurate?

The science of Hair Mineral Analysis began largely with Dr. Paul Eck, a distinguished physician and researcher, who dedicated over 40 years to analyzing hundreds of thousands of hair tests. Through his work, he identified consistent mineral patterns associated with various health conditions, lifestyle habits, organ function, and emotional states. There is also plenty of research outside of Dr. Paul Eck's work validating hair mineral analysis for a variety of health related information.

Dr. Eck's research revealed a critical aspect of HTMA: the impact of various nutrients changes based on an individual's mineral patterns. 

HTMA allows practitioners to administer the right nutrients, supplements, and diet at the right time, avoiding guesswork, saving costs, and preventing potential complications associated with nutritional interventions.

What are the benefits of HTMA?

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis has several advantages.

  • It offers a more in-depth and stable biochemical "picture" compared to blood work, which can fluctuate quite a lot. 

  • It allows one to identify trends early for various conditions and symptoms, taking preventive care to the next level

  • A skilled practitioner can use the information to tune a person's diet, supplements, and lifestyle for maximum cellular energy, which equates to deep healing and enhanced physical & cognitive performance.

  • It can help one identify toxic metals, mineral deficiencies, & mineral imbalances which are at the root of many symptoms such as fatigue, depression, anxiety, brain fog, autoimmunity, GI issues, and more. 

  • It is cheap, especially compared to extensive blood work

It is recognized as a standard test globally, employed for monitoring trace elements and toxic metals in both humans and animals. When we view common physical, mental, and emotional health conditions through the lens of HTMA, we gain a deeper understanding of their underlying causes and, more importantly, how to facilitate healing.

How do I get a Hair Mineral Analysis?

To dive deeper and learn if HTMA & Mineral-Balancing is a right fit for you, schedule a free strategy session with me here or below (worst case, you'll walk away with free advice.)

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